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Although Chapter 7 bankruptcy is commonly considered “consumer” debt relief option, it is actually available to anyone who qualifies, including individuals and small-business owners. Many debtors find this type of personal bankruptcy attractive because it enables them to eliminate most, if not all, of their unsecured debts.

You may have heard Chapter 7 bankruptcy described as “liquidation” bankruptcy. This is because the bankruptcy trustee may sell certain of the filers’ nonexempt assets in order to compensate creditors.

Despite this, most Chapter 7 filers lose few assets and little personal property to liquidation. If your debts include unsecured obligations such as credit cards and medical bills, you may be able to have them discharged completely without sacrificing your most important possessions.

In such cases, Chapter 7 could be your best option for eliminating debts without incurring additional hardship.

Need A Debt Discharge? Chapter 7 Can Eliminate Your Credit Card And Medical Bills.

At the Law Office of Chad M Sherwood, LLC, in Pleasantville, New Jersey, we represent individuals and small-business owners throughout the Atlantic City area seeking debt relief through bankruptcy.

Our experienced Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer, Chad M Sherwood, can help you eliminate many debts, including:

  • Credit card debts
  • Medical debts
  • Balances owed on repossessed vehicles
  • Some IRS and state tax debts
  • Personal loans
  • Lawsuit judgments
  • Contract debts
  • Other unsecured debts and obligations

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The Automatic Stay · Protection From Creditors In Bankruptcy Proceedings

An injunction known as an “automatic stay” prohibits creditors from pursuing collections against bankruptcy filers. If you file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, our lawyer can keep bill collectors from contacting you until your bankruptcy is concluded. By that time, most if not all of your debts will have been discharged and you will be free to begin your new, debt-free life.

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We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

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We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

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